Patrick Cummins

1) Name: Patrick Cummins

2) Nickname: Paddy/Pat/Pa

3) Playing Position: Backs/Forwards

4) Years Playing:  6yrs

5) Favourite Team Mate: Favourite team mate who I have played with over the years has to be Mick Hurley.  

6) Most Embarrasing Moment: Getting shouted at by a referee in an u10s match because I was too mouthy! Felt very small that day, both physically and emotionally. 

7) 5 People you would Invite to Dinner: Margot Robbie, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Anniston, Rachel McAdams, Jessica Alba. 

8) Which Swan would you have as your Waiter: I'd have to go Marty.

9) Favourite AFL Team: Sydney Swans

10) Favourite AFL player: Lance Franklin

11) Magical Moment from Footy: Beating Belfast Redbacks in grand final 2015 and going to Amsterdam for Champions League

12) Occupation: Software Developer

13) County/State: Meath

14) Pet Hates: People not washing there hands after using bathroom

15) Teammate least trust to score winning goal in Grand Final: Seamus















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