Swans Match Reports

ARFLI Grand Final 2015 Redbacks v Swans

The South Dublin Swans won the 2015 Australian Football League of Ireland (ARFLI) Grand Final after a nail biting final against last year’s champions the Belfast Redbacks on the last Saturday of August in Belfast.

With less than a minute remaining in the final quarter the Redbacks had one last chance to retain their crown but a close in mark from a tight angle by Redbacks’ Australian full forward Andrew Hickey yielded just a behind rather than the goal required.  If they had goaled, it would have been tough on the Swans who led for the majority of the game.

The Redbacks started the game the better and had a one goal advantage at the end of the first quarter.  By half-time the Swans had recovered and went into the main break with a 11 point lead, 3.7 25 to 2.2 14.   The Redbacks knew they had a challenge on their hands and came back hard in the second half, but the Swans held out for a thrilling two point victory, winning 6.9 45 to 6.7 43.

Swans 200cm ruckman Paul O’Halloran set the platform for victory winning the majority of hit outs and he was well supported in midfield by Cork man Michael Hurley, Derry man Bryan O'Kane and Dublin man Liam Burns who ran tirelessly throughout the game. The Swans defence was marshalled by James O’Byrne and Peter Ross in the full back line who dealt efficiently with many of the Redbacks attacks. Up front Kevin Brennan was particularly dangerous, bagging a brace of crucial goals.

Goal Kickers: Kev 2, Marty, Bryce, Manus, Omar.

Team: Dave Vowles, Mick Hurley, Shane Thomas, Rob Monks, Sean Guerin, Manus Breathnach, Lewis Feely, Paddy Cummins, Jimmy O'Byrne, Noel Tate, Thomas Russell, Darren Sheils, Pete Ross, Camillus Byrne, Ed Warren, Bryan O'Kane, Liam Burns, Darren Snell, Craig Wood, Omar Mamad, Paul O'Halloran, Bryce Fraser, Kevin Brennan, Martin Ryan, Bobby Byrne, Seamus Owens, James Jamieson

ARFLI Semi Final 2015 Swans v Magpies

Despite a number of injuries, the Swans made it through to the 2015 Grand Final after a 39 point win over the Galway Magpies. Rookie forward Seamus Owens kicked 6 goals with a best on ground performance, with impressive performances also from other rookies Rob Monks and Liam Burns.

South Dublin Swans 15.13 103 def Galway Magpies 9.10 64

Team: Paul O'Halloran, James O'Byrne, Peter Ross, Bobby Byrne, Rob Monks, Noel Tate, Paddy Cummins, Liam Burns, Camillus Byrne, Bryan O'Kane, Matty Craze, Shane Thomas, Darren Snell, Omar Mamad, James Jamieson, Kevin Brennan, Edward Warren, Manus Breathnach, Seamus Owens.

ARFLI Round 9 2015 Redbacks v Swans

The Swans secured a home semi final by ending the Redbacks winning streak. Midfielder Craig Wood was in inspirational form around the park, ably supported by Derry man Bryan O'Kane in only his second appearance in a Swans jumper. Redbacks 6.3 39 def by Swans 9.10 64.

Team: Paul O'Halloran, Jimmy O'Byrne, Rob Monks, Noel Tate, Peter Ross, Bobby Byrne, Carl Achilles, Paddy Cummins, Omar Mamad, Bryan O'Kane, Craig Wood, Martin Ryan, Michael Hurley, Darren Snell, Matty Craze, Bryce Fraser.


ARFLI Round 8 2015 Lions v Swans

After narrowly losing at home to the Lions the previous weekend the Swans got their season back on track at Emly, Co. Tipperary with a comprehensive victory over the Lions, Swans 19.10 124 def Leeside Lions 4.4 28. This victory arrested a sequence of three losses on the bounce for the Swans. Joey Carroll (missing from photo as he got lost on the drive down!) shone with 4 second half goals from full forward, however half forwards Omar Mamad and Craig Wood also had their scoring boots on, in a performance which set the tone for the Swans successful finish to the season.

Goalkickers: Joey 5, Woodsy 4, Omar 3, Jimmy the Lips 3, Pauly, Marty, Pete, Liam

Team: Paul O'Halloran, Jimmy O'Byrne, Rob Monks, Noel Tate, Peter Ross, Edward Warren, Omar Mamad, Joey Carroll, Craig Wood, James Jamieson, Martin Ryan, Michael Hurley, Liam Burns, Sean Guerin.

ARFLI Round 4 2015 Swans v Magpies

South Dublin Swans 61 lost to Leeside Lions 65

Goalkickers: Woodsy 2, Karl 2, Kev 2, Jack, Bobby, Pauly

ARFLI Round 1 2015 Swans v Magpies

The ARFLI Premiership season commenced with the South Dublin Swans hosting the Galway Magpies at Perrystown. There was a strong wind blowing across the oval that made kicking difficult for both sides. Both teams had good numbers for the first outing of the year. In a low scoring game influenced by the wind the Swans had the majority of the possession but found the wind difficult in front of goal. In contrast the Magpies had far fewer shots at goal but were much more economical in their goal scoring rate.

A major part of the Swans success was holding the top goal kickers of the 2014 season, John O’Regan and Shaun ‘Smurf’ Murphy goalless. However the windy conditions definitely favoured defences on the day. Special mention to the volunteers of Robert Emmets GAA club who gave both teams a great reception on the day.

Final Score: South Dublin Swans 5.14 44 def Galway Magpies 3.1 19

Goalkickers: Bryan, Pete, Tom, Jack, Omar.

Team: Darren Sheils, Paul O'Halloran, Bryce Fraser, Shane Thomas, Jimmy O'Byrne, Tom Russell, Brian Powell, Paddy Cummins, Noel Tate, Jack Martinelli, Darren Snell, Peter Ross, Edward Warren, Omar Mamad, Kevin Brennan, Craig Wood, Tristan McCall, Ja O'Loughlin, Carl Achilles, Bobby Byrne, Jimmy Jamieson.



ARFLI Round 1 2014 Swans v Magpies

Swans 7.8(50) def Magpies 5.10(40).

Team – Thomas Russell(c), Martin Ryan, Edward Warren, Peter Ross, Lewis Feely, Noel Tate, Rob Fitzhugh, Ciaran McKiernan, Fredi Romar, Paul O’Halloran, Mick Hurley, Darren Sheils, Bryce Fraser, Gareth Carragher, James O’Byrne, James Jameson, Mark Daly.

Goal kickers – Darren Sheils – 2, Fredi Romar – 1, Gareth Carragher – 1, Martin Ryan – 1, Thomas Russell – 1, Bryce Fraser – 1.


ARFLI Round 2 2014 Giants v Swans

Giants 5.3(33) def by Swans 13.13(91).

Team – Thomas Russell(c), Lewis Feely, Noel Tate, Fredi Romar, Paul O’Halloran, Mick Hurley, Ryan Serocki, James Jameson, Bryce Fraser, Killian McDonagh, Edward Warren, Martin Ryan, Kevin Brennan, Daniel Coleman, Shaun McGeady, Ciaran McKiernan.

Goal kickers – Bryce Fraser – 3, Kevin Brennan – 3, Thomas Russell – 2, Ryan Serocki – 2, Killian McDonagh – 1, Fredi Romar – 1, Mick Hurley – 1.

ARFLI Round 3 2014 Lions v Swans

Lions 6.18(54) def Swans 3.4(22).

Team – Darren Shiels(c), Peter Ross, Bryce Fraser, Paul O’Halloran, Noel Tate, Killian McDonagh, Eoin Cosgrove, Ciaran McKiernan, Conor Evans, Paddy Cummins, Daniel Coleman, Malachy Tobin.

Goal kickers – Bryce Fraser – 1, Ciaran McKiernan – 1, Killian McDonagh – 1.

ARFLI Round 4 2014 Demons v Swans

Demons 5.8(38) def by Swans 17.16(118).

Team – Darren Shiels(c), Peter Ross, Martin Ryan, James O’Byrne, Bobby Byrne, Lewis Feely, Bryce Fraser, Paul O’Halloran, Gareth Carragher, Ryan Serocki, James Jameson, Rob Fitzhugh, Eoin Cosgrove, Ciaran McKiernan, Paddy Cummins, Niall Flood, Barry Tierney, Kevin Brennan, Manus Breathnach, Edward Warren.

Goal kickers – Manus Breathnach – 5, Ryan Serocki – 3, Niall Flood  - 2, Bobby Byrne – 1, Peter Ross – 1, Kevin Brennan – 1, Paul O'Halloran – 1, Eoin Cosgrove – 1, Barry Tierney – 1, Ciaran McKiernan – 1.

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ARFLI Round 5 2014 Swans v Redbacks

Swans 15.14(104) def Redbacks 6.7(43)

 Team -  Thomas Russell(c), Martin Ryan, Peter Ross, Darren Shiels, Gareth Carragher, James O'Byrne, Fredrik Romar, Ryan Serocki, Niall Flood, Barry Tierney, Manus Breathnach, Kevin Brennan, Mark Daly, Bryce Fraser, Ciaran McKiernan, Paul O’Halloran, Shaun McGeady.

Goal kickers - Manus Breathnach – 4, Kevin Brennan  - 3, Mark Daly – 2, Martin Ryan – 1, Bryce Fraser -1, Ciaran McKiernan – 1, Paul O'Halloran – 1, Shaun McGeady – 1, Barry Tierney – 1.

ARFLI Round 6 2014 Magpies v Swans

Magpies 6.14(50) def Swans 4.9(33)

Team – Thomas Russell(c), Darren Shiels, Martin Ryan, James O’Byrne, Bryce Fraser, Paul O’Halloran, Gareth Carragher, James Jameson, Killian McDonagh, Ciaran McKiernan, Paddy Cummins, Noel Tate, Kevin Brennan, Manus Breathnach, Eoin Melly, Shaun McGeady, Conor Evans.

Goal kickers – Manus Breathnach - 1, Killian McDonagh - 1, Ciaran McKiernan – 1,  Thomas Russell – 1.


ARFLI Round 7 2014 Swans v Giants

Swans 12.9(81) def Giants 10.7(67)

Team – Thomas Russell(c), Darren Shiels, Edward Warren, Mick Hurley, Peter Ross, James O’Byrne, Bryce Fraser, Paul O’Halloran, Gareth Carragher, James Jameson, Eoin Cosgrove, Fredi Romar, Paddy Cummins, Noel Tate, Kevin Brennan, Manus Breathnach, Niall Flood, Gavin Murray, Shaun Wallace, Jack Martinelli.

Goal kickers – Manus Breathnach – 3, Bryce Fraser – 3, Jack Martinelli – 2, Kevin Brennan - 1, Eoin Cosgrove - 1, Mick Hurley – 1, Fredi Romar – 1.

ARFLI Round 8 2014 Swans v Lions

Swans 16.20(116) def Lions 10.9(69)

Team – Thomas Russell(c), Darren Shiels, Edward Warren, Mick Hurley, Peter Ross, James O’Byrne, Bryce Fraser, Paul O’Halloran, Gareth Carragher, Andrew Mack, Eoin Cosgrove, Fredi Romar, Paddy Cummins, Rob Fitzhugh, Bobby Byrne, Manus Breathnach, Niall Flood, Gavin Murray, Jack Martinelli.

Goal kickers – Paul O’Halloran - 4, James O’Byrne - 2, Mick Hurley - 2, Jack Martinelli - 2, Manus Breathnach - 1, Bryce Fraser - 1, Bobby Byrne - 1, Andrew Mack - 1, Gavin Murray – 1, Gareth Carragher – 1.

ARFLI Round 9 2014 Swans v Demons

Demons forfeited the game.


ARFLI Round 10 2014 Redbacks v Swans

Redbacks 7.11(53) def Swans 4.6(30)

Team – Gareth Carragher(c), Lewis Feely, Jack Martinelli, Gavin Murray, Bobby Byrne, Mick Hurley, Paddy Cummins, Shaun McGeady, Ciaran McKiernan, Eoghan O’Coigligh.

Goal kickers – Mick Hurley - 2, Gavin Murray - 1, Bobby Byrne - 1.


ARFLI Preliminary Final 2014 Swans v Redbacks

Swans 14.7(91) def by Redbacks 13.15(93)

Team – Thomas Russell(c), Lewis Feely, James O’Byrne, Peter Ross, Gareth Carragher, Gavin Murray, Jack Martinelli, Bobby Byrne, Mick Hurley, Fredi Romar, Kevin Brennan, Manus Breathnach, Ciaran McKiernan, Paddy Cummins, Edward Warren.

Goal kickers – Manus Breathnach - 4, Edward Warren – 2, James O’Byrne - 2, Bobby Byrne - 2, Jack Martinelli - 1, Kevin Brennan - 1, Thomas Russell - 1, Mick Hurley - 1.

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