Paul O'Halloran

1) Name: Paul O'Halloran

2) Nickname: Tall Paul

3) Playing Position: Ruck (typecast)

4) Years Playing:  7 years

5) Favourite Team Mate: Bobby Twinkletoes Byrne

6) Most Embarrasing Moment: Showing up for my second ever inter county game without my boots. I haven't started since.

7) 5 People you would Invite to Dinner: I'd invite Rob and that mad hoor from the first episode of first dates. At the last minute I'd cancel myself.

8) Which Swan would you have as your Waiter: Marty, he'd get a good laugh out of that!

9) Favourite AFL Team: North Melbourne

10) Favourite AFL player: Spud Firrito

11) Magical Moment from Footy: Last years grand final and the subsequent bus trip back to Dublin

12) Occupation: Engineer

13) County/State: Carla laaaad

14) Pet Hates: Pete Ross giving away 25m penalties and lads pissing over toilet seats. The urinals are there for a reason.

15) Teammate least trust to score winning goal in Grand Final: Bobby Byrne, two left feet









































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